How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Help COVID Testing in PH

AI help in Covid test

As the government mulls relaxing quarantine measures, the number of coronavirus cases is seen steadily rising. In a report by Rappler, experts estimate the number of coronavirus cases could increase up to about 40K by 30 June.

Due to this, a Florida-based Artificial Intelligence company has set its sights to help PH by mobilizing virtual agents (Artificial Intelligence) designed to ease-out patients securing COVID tests in seconds. 

The AI platform can handle millions of incoming calls simultaneously 24/7, with the intelligence of giving priority to those in need of immediate test based on symptomatology. Bookings can be based on the patient’s geographical location, priority, and readiness that can be modified at any time in seconds through artificial intelligence.

The patients’ experience from booking would be made seamless, with each individual given a unique QR code, sent and sync to any digital device, to appointment reminders up to on-site COVID testing integrations.

What I am amazed is it’s limited to NO physical contact/interaction swab testing check-in with data being pushed to multiple end-points automatically (i.e. Department of Health, laboratories) using a secure API.

But at what cost would this entail us to use it? Will test cost increase or would the government provide subsidy over the efficiency of artificial intelligence over encoders? We will soon find out. 

I am thankful for being invited to be part of this meeting tomorrow. Need to mentally sharpen a bit after 90 days of brain inactivity subjected to 90% NETFLIXability.


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