SMS Marketing: The Most Effective Marketing Channel

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“Research conducted by Internet Retailer for OpenMarket, only 29% of brands were using SMS for marketing or customer service purposes compared to 97% using email”

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SMS text messages have an off-the-charts open rate of 98 percent. – Aine Doherty at Business2Community.

With email now a necessity in almost all business transactions, its popularity was overrun with spam. Due to this, the number of emails being opened instantly slowed down.
Doherty says, “SMS Marketing alternatively is 99 percent legitimate, with only 1 percent spam text messaging (and) this communication tool is still highly regarding by mobile phone users. “No other marketing tool can offer a similar rate, making SMS Marketing one of the most effective ways to get your message to your customer,” Doherty argues. In contrast, email marketing reports a 22 percent open rate, which significantly reduces your chance of success.”


  • According to Statista Research Department, the number of mobile phone users in the Philippines was about 66 million in 2015 and is projected to reach 75.6M this year.
  • According to a study released by Nielsen Philippines, Filipino users spend an average of 174 minutes each day online—nearly three hours—through their smartphones.
  • An International media and consumer research firm revealed that three out of four Filipinos who own smartphones now use them as their main access point to the Internet, pointing to the growing influence that these mobile devices have over online activities previously reserved for desktop and laptop computers.


“9 out of 10 global consumers want to text with businesses, but only 48% of businesses are equipped with SMS.”

Global Mobile Messaging Report 2016


    • Nearly two-thirds (64%) of consumers subscribed to mobile marketing indicate that they have made a purchase as a result of receiving a highly relevant mobile message –
    • “We have seen explosive ROI with text messaging from SMSBump, far beyond what we’ve seen with any other channel. Our ROI on abandoned cart automation is north of 26000%.” – SMSBump for Shopify

    • “When we launched that campaign we decided to send marketing text messages to around 12,000 customers who signed up for SMS marketing. The ROI was off the charts, beyond anything we’ve seen with email, reaching 8000%. Since then, it has been consistently above 1000%.” – SMSBump


To be able to offer a well-rounded array of Web and Mobile Services Xynergate designed and built its own SMS Messaging Platform. This provides users a simple way of communicating through a web interface or a customized mobile application to a large number of users/members and/or participants with the most reliable messaging delivery system which is SMS.

You just simply compose your message on the web or the mobile app and press send to the group or community database and in a matter of seconds, your message will be delivered to those recipients in the Philippines via SMS.

Web Interface and/or Mobile will be customized to match your company’s or organization’s look.
Our SMS Gateway will know if a message was not delivered to a particular Mobile Number.
We can also further enhance the mobile services provided to suite specific needs. It is not an out-of-the-box system. It was 100% developed in-house.
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XynerGate will provide a very user-friendly web interface wherein you will be able to send messages to your uploaded database of users or community members.
The SMS Gateway uses a prepaid system. This means there will be no accidental overspending and there is no maximum number of messages per month. It will depend on your allocated budget. With the prepaid system after consuming the amount paid there will be a need to reload the account to be able to send messages.
The SMS Gateway allows for special characters and web links to help enhance any campaign.

XynerGate is an emerging company that specializes in developing and managing value-added web and mobile services. We work with Digital Marketers, Web/Mobile Designers Developers to provide solutions that raise brand awareness, build customer loyalty, create social impact, and/or generate revenues. We guarantee to deliver quality services through our sophisticated gateway system, combined with extensive knowledge in marketing and development.

Our company offers three types of services: Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing, and Mobile Application Development.


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